24/7 | 365 Security Operations Center Monitoring

Here at KIT MSP we offer 24/7 | 365 operation center monitoring. While most businesses are operating on a 9-5 schedule, your organization is exposed to anyone on the web 24/7.


What is 24/7 | Security Operations Center Monitoring?

Cyber Security

KIT MSP offers cyber security services that protect your business after doors close. Due to the widespread use of the internet, your business is at risk 24/7. With additional cyber security, we can make sure these threats are stopped before they can reach the front door.

Security Operations Center

  • monitor
  • detect
  • investigate
  • respond to cyberthreats around the clock

A security operation center detects and responds to security threats, that a traditional firewall may miss. The Security operations center adds an additional layer of protection by riding behind the firewall, to catch those malicious threats and attacks. Stomping them in their tracks.